Buster back on stage this week!

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Buster back on stage this week!

PostMon Apr 23, 2018 2:32 pm

Hi everyone,
I'd like to tell you about my brand new Buster Keaton musical When You Fall Down, which has three performances this week in London, England.

Through slapstick, songs and a soft shoe shuffle, follow Buster’s personal and professional triumphs and trials as he films his iconic movies. As the world whirls around him, with his marriage failing, his career at threat and turning to the bottle, Buster must hit his mark as he films the most dangerous stunt of all. With mime, magic and re-creations of Buster’s gags, the show is an unprecedented tribute to “The Great Stone Face”; a man who always got back on his feet, no matter how many times he fell down.

The show was performed last year at the Damfinos convention in Michigan, including for members of Buster's own family. This year I've been to The Slapstick Festival and will be taking the show to Paris in July and Edinburgh in August. It was written to please keen Keaton fans, but also to introduce whole new audiences to Buster's story and his incredible films. So if you know someone who's new to Buster, please bring them along too!

Thursday- Saturday at The Tabard Theatre, Chiswick, 7.30pm. The theatre is right by Turnham Green Station. If you come along, please say hi afterwards!


Many thanks

“Entertaining, engaging and full of charm.” ****
“For anyone who is an admirer of Buster Keaton’s work, loves the silent movie era or just likes a good musical, this show is for you.”
(London Pub Theatres)
“When You Fall Down is a triumph, a must see for silent film buffs and a gateway for the initiated to Buster Keaton’s comic brilliance.”
“James Dangerfield captures the essence of Buster Keaton, one of the greatest film-makers and comic artists in movie history.”
(Binnie Brennan, Keaton scholar and author of "Like any other Monday")


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Re: Buster back on stage this week!

PostMon Apr 23, 2018 8:38 pm

Break one, James!



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Re: Buster back on stage this week!

PostTue Apr 24, 2018 12:40 pm

Thanks Craig!
James :)

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