Canberra, Australia - SONS OF MATTHEW (1948) - 17 March

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Canberra, Australia - SONS OF MATTHEW (1948) - 17 March

PostFri Mar 10, 2017 8:53 pm

From The precis rather understates the complicated production history. Sons of Matthew might have been the closest thing Australia ever had to a Heaven's Gate situation - hugely ambitious, but also hugely overbudget. It's recently been restored.

17 March 2017, 7pm, Arc Cinema, $12/$14

Dir: Charles Chauvel, PG, Australia, 1948, 101mins

Chauvel’s intergenerational western depicts the challenges facing a Queensland farming family across decades. It’s a charming and exciting film that holds up well, 70 years after it was made.

A native Queenslander himself, Chauvel and wife Elsa adapted two biographical works from farming pioneer Bernard O’Reilly, and began shooting in Beaudesert in 1947. Chauvel captured cyclones, drought and flooding rains – much of which his crew actually experienced across the year of this film’s production.

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