Guidelines for what can and can't be offered on the Exchange

Got something? Want something? Trading in vintage film-related items.
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Guidelines for what can and can't be offered on the Exchange

PostThu Jun 26, 2008 7:24 am

"The Exchange" is a forum for members to buy, sell, or trade items relating to the nitrate era of motion pictures. Items that are not related to this area of interest will be considered spam and will be removed.

The Nitratevile staff recommends that members be careful when buying or trading items. The fact that a member posted an item for sale does not imply that NitrateVille knows anything about how reliable the member is, whether the item is genuine, or anything else. We will act against egregious abusers and fraud artists, but we don't settle disputes between buyers and sellers any more than we settle arguments over who the four great silent comedians are. It's a bulletin board, you can post what you've got here, and anybody interested in it should exercise due diligence and caveat emptor. If the protections of credit cards, Paypal or any other third-party service will benefit you, use them.

If you've got an argument over a transaction, we can't imagine anything of less interest to the rest of us. However, repeated disputes that are reported to the moderators can result in suspension from Nitrateville.

VHS tapes or DVD-Rs of material taped off of television broadcasts or copies of copyrighted films cannot be sold. Used DVDs or CDs can be listed for sale as long as they are legitimate items from the original manufacturer. If you believe that an item infringes on your copyrights, contact one of the moderators and the item can be removed.

8mm, 16mm, and 35mm films are allowed. Nitrate films require special labeling and must be shipped UPS. Buyers of films will want to know the film's condition including splices, sprocket repair, and whether or not the film has vinegar syndrome.

Photographs, lobby cards, and posters should state "vintage" if they are from the film's original release or re-release. And "reproduction" means a later printing of the item, including items that are of recent printing.

Links to eBay or other auction sites are acceptable as long as the items relate to classic film. Please list all auction items or for-sale items in one message, rather than one message per item.

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