Unusual 16mm Features For Sale

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Unusual 16mm Features For Sale

PostWed Jan 08, 2014 8:58 pm

My friend Mr. Jan Wahl is selling the following 16mm features:
He does not have internet access so I am listing them for him. HE IS OPEN TO OFFERS ON THESE TITLES.
Please call him days and early eves at 419-841-5624 for ordering and information.

FORBIDDEN TRAIL (Columbia, 1932) Buck Jones, mint original $150
PARADISE CANYON (Mascot, 1935) John Wayne, mint original $150
SINGING COWBOY (Republic, 1936) Gene Autry, Lon Chaney Jr. Nice Original $150
HARMONY LANE (1932) Douglass Montgomery, exc. original $140
WALLABY JIM OF THE ISLANDS (1936) George Houston, fine original $140
CALL IT A DAY (1936) Olivia DeHavilland, Roland Young, Bonita Granville
fine original $140
ADVENTURES OF CHICO (1937) nice old original $150
THE NIGHT IS YOUNG (1935) Ramon Novarro, Rosalind Russell, nice
dupe $125
NEW ADVENTURES OF TARZAN (1935)Herman Brix serial feature, nice original $150
ELEPHANT BOY (1937) First Sabu, Korda classic, original $140
STREET SCENE (1931) Sylvia Sydney, mint reduction $135
SVENGALI-(1931) John Barrymore, Marian Marsh, nice dupe $140
MON ONCLE (1958) old Fuji print $150

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