Valentino Calendar for 2009 - corrected now

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Valentino Calendar for 2009 - corrected now

PostThu Sep 04, 2008 11:41 am

The theme for the 2009 edition of the calendar is "Kisses & Clinches." Valentino doing what he is best known for, romance!

This year it is a little bit different, you will be able to order the calendar online, as many copies as you like, direct from the printer. This has made the calendar more affordable this year and will cut down on the waiting time for you to receive your order. The calendar is the nice round figure of $18.79 each.

You can find the calendar here: is one preview image here, too). I will have 3 previews on later this week on the calendar page.

I've sent previews to a few people and the feedback is that this is one of the best yet. Their words, not mine!

The calendar will be retired in January 2009, so order in advance of the new year!

Donna Hill

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