Eddie Hall-revisiting my dad's title search

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Eddie Hall-revisiting my dad's title search

PostSat Nov 12, 2016 11:25 am

Hello everyone...again!

I am a new joiner...joining earlier this year...and I am very glad to have found such a forum.

I thought i would revisit looking for a few of the "tough" titles I have been wanting to screen.

My father, Eddie Hall was a bit player/extra/stuntman/stand-in from 1937 to 1948. He died in 1963 when I was 5. Since 1985 I have been looking for anything that featured dad...films, lobby cards, production info, stills, etc, etc. I come here today (again) with a list of my "toughies". The titles that I have been looking for for many years. My research tells me that these titles have a very good probability of having him "possibly" featured. Dad's Social Security records "suggest" the time and place...I could see him...as an extra or bit player. All I want to do is screen the titles...and some are 2 reel "short subjects".

Dad was friends with Tom Neal and Tom Brown, Martha Raye, Chester Morris...and Edward Everett Horton. Dad was a kind of protege with EEH. Ironically, dad is buried at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills, overlooking Warner Bros...a studio he did not like.

I would like to get a DVD or vhs of any of the titles...so I could "screen" them...looking for my dad, Eddie Hall. I am sure I could work something out with any kind collector willing to help... to try to see if i could capture another image of my dad, Eddie Hall. I have many of his "clips" on You Tube...and his IMDB page shows all of the research i have done since 4/1/85.

Here is one of the many clips of dad on my You Tube account so you can see what he looks like :) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8oBlJn7u9Q

Thoughts? Anyone?

Thank you.


I am,

Parry Hall (Eddie's Kid)

***Here are the tough titles***:

Oh Doctor / Uni ‘37

Goodbye Broadway – Uni ‘38

The Last Express / Uni ‘38

Reckless Living / Uni ‘38

Strange Case of Dr. Meade / Uni ‘38

That’s My Story / Uni ‘38

Double Date / Uni ‘41

Great Glover, The / Col-short ‘42

Man’s World, A / Col 42

Sappy Pappy, The / Col-short ‘42

Sweetheart of the Fleet, the / Col ‘42

Socks Appeal – short / Col ‘43

Two Saplings – short / Col ‘43

Rookie’s Cookie, A –Col short / Col ‘43

Boy From Stalingrad / Col ‘43

Laugh Your Blues Away / Col ‘43

She Has What It Takes / Col ‘43

His Girl’s Worst Friend / short / Col ‘43

Top Sergeant Mulligan / Monogram ‘41
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Re: Eddie Hall-revisiting my dad's title search

PostSun Nov 13, 2016 4:52 am

You aren't kidding when you say tough titles. I've never seen any of them on cable, VHS, DVD or even by movie convention sellers, who specialize in obscure titles.


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Re: Eddie Hall-revisiting my dad's title search

PostSun Nov 13, 2016 10:42 am

Marr & Colton,

Thank you for responding. These are presumed lost. Even the Universal vaults do not have their own titles. Collectors all over are stumped with these. Like I've written...looking for many years.
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Re: Eddie Hall-revisiting my dad's title search

PostSun Dec 25, 2016 10:37 pm


How would someone get social security records on a former character actor? Just write to the SSAdmin and request information or what technique in your research did you use........if you don't mind the dumb question.

I am doing research on my grandfather Mark Hamilton's career (Hollywood 1919-1929) as he also passed away in 1963 (pre Social security) and will be starting research on his younger brother Joseph Hamilton's career (Hollywood 1954-1964) who passed away in 1965. I am finding the silent film era is much tougher than the talkies and the more recent TV era when trying to find footage, etc.

I will keep my eyes open if I see any of your dad's work.

Mark Hamilton (I) is on imdb.com
Joseph Hamilton (I) is on imdb.com
Gertrude Brooke Hamilton is on imdb.com

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