Interested in buying vintage 16mm and R8mm porn films.

Got something? Want something? Trading in vintage film-related items.
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Interested in buying vintage 16mm and R8mm porn films.

PostTue Aug 22, 2017 9:52 am

Interested in buying vintage 16mm and R8mm porn films. I prefer 16mm, but if it is interesting and in decent shape will consider R8mm. Generally not interested in S8mm, unless it is something special.

I am not interested in garden variety 1970's color porno films like Swedish, Denmark or US made like you find on VHS and DVD.

I generally like black and white only, unless it is something special or Kodachrome.

Time frame of collection is from the very beginnings...1920's up to 1960's or so.

Am interested in short, stag films. Am not interested in full length / multi reel theatre movies.

I am not interested in films that have a large amount of physical damage from VS. Films that have a light VS smell, but little or no signs of physical damage, are considerable.

Why do I collect old porn?

Someone has to work on it before they all turn into vinegar. It is relatively cheap to do. I like the subject matter.

What are my goals?

Basic restoration of film stock, cleaning, repairs, leaders, etc. then frame by frame scanning before they are all gone.
No frame by frame restoration to speak of unless the lotto cooperates.

Then put the digital offspring out for free downloading as a public service or on hi res video DVD as a donation for special collection libraries or institutions that may be interested.

If you have already digitized your porn films on DVD and want to add them to my archive, I accept donations of decent resolution digital material that fits the scope of the collection.

PM me if you got something to get rid of.

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