A Hundred 1914 -1932 rare 16mm and 700 more very old new in

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A Hundred 1914 -1932 rare 16mm and 700 more very old new in

PostSun Apr 01, 2018 2:44 pm

The most recent 16mm short I watched was Jimmy Finlayson and Faye Wray (of King Kong fame) starring in "Chasing the Chaser" and as you can see from following I shall be watching hundreds more this week as I research the room full an owner of property we got gave to us. My son buys old 3 family houses, converts them into condo's and because he helped the former owner buy a new condo and did other favors for him that owner gave my son all contents of house and three garages attached to it, which contained turn of century maching tools, signs, paintings, a dozen projectors, cameras, specialty lenses and approximately a thousand films (700 cartoons and movies in never opened original boxes new condition a couple of hundred 1900 - 1932 excellent condition 400 ft to 1600 ft vintage 16mm films in metal cans labeled “Rare Do Not Sell” and about another hundred in various much larger metal cans, the 1932 Build a New Plymouth film, a 1938 Gandy the Goose film in metal canister, the 1941 first appearance of Woody Woodpecker, 1947 Southwest Conference Football Thrills, the 1948 world series, 1959 Boston Celtic’s Training and Instructional basketball 16mm film, /superbowls, very old NY Giants Offensive Line film, Boston Garden former mgr Walter Brown “Basketball Instructional Video” US Navy “Adventures of a newsreel cameraman”, a vintage 1200 ft 16mm Chalenge of Urbal renewal film titled “America The Beautiful” O.M.P.S. US Army large reel film, ww II “Recog. of the Japanese” large metal film reel,”Chevrolet HEADING UP THE HEAVY DUTIES produced by Jim Handy”,id.
Might you be interested in them or possibly refer me to someone who might want to buy a thousand old films, a hundred or more of which are exceptionally rare (1914 thru 1932) .
I can't find these (marked rare Not For Sale on labels) almost anywhere on the net, such as first box of films I just made a list of” “ Revenge of the Range” (date ????), Billy Franey "In The Trenches" (1921) Harry (Snub) Pollard “The Dumb-bell” (1922); Chester Conklin’s “A One Night Stand” retitles as“ Behind the Scenes”; Beatrice Laplante’s “A Regular Pal” film ; Chas Chaplin no title silent 250 ft”, Larry Sermon "Cloudhopper" two reels 22 minutes (1925),and Jack Duffy’s silent 16mm films "Chicken feathers"(1927) and "Hold Still (1926) 16 mm vintage films in the boxes listed on internet, except one in a school library saying as of October 2000 it was heavily scratched, Jimmy Finlayson “In The Grease”’ Lloyd Hamilton in “His Better Half”, Chester Conklin “Behind the Scenes” and one with Jimmy Finlayson and Faye Wray "Chasing the Chaser" Fandon.com is using to hook new customers into paying $ subscription service fees.
I still have to research about eighty more. Thanks if you might be good enough to advise me anytime or refer us to anyone interested in some or all of these rare silent 16mm films !
My Respect,
Mike DuPont [email protected]


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Re: A Hundred 1914 -1932 rare 16mm and 700 more very old new

PostSun Apr 01, 2018 2:57 pm

Seems like a nice find you have there. However, get ready for a lot of leg work. First you need to compile a complete list of titles. Then note condition of the film itself. This is where things get tricky as there are lots of things that can go wrong with film, even if it is just sitting there on shelf!! Base rot being the biggest problem here. Color fading can also happen just sitting on the shelf. So learning a little bit about these things will help you a lot in the sale of films.

Best thing to do is ask questions and lots of them.

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Re: A Hundred 1914 -1932 rare 16mm and 700 more very old new

PostSun Apr 01, 2018 4:53 pm

I would recommend doing the research on each title first and also compiling a detailed list as mentioned before you try and sell what you have. Time consuming yes, but well worth the journey.

Some of these titles may not be that rare at all and some may be very rare. For example, The Cloudhopper 1925 is on a Larry Semon Grapevine (2005) DVD, The Dumb-bell 1922 is available on the Becoming Charley Chase (2009) DVD, Hold Still 1926 is on the American Slapstick Vol 2 DVD (2008),etc.

Each title would have to be researched via several different websites; imdb.com, silent.era.com, loc archives, UCLA archives, CNC Archives, etc , etc. to determine how rare they may be.

Another example, Revenge of the Range 1925 has a few prints out there (Castle Films). I have one print in my garage and I have seen a few recently available on ebay. I uploaded a photo from the film on imdb to show that this title is in the public domain and not as rare as when I first bought the 16 mm print that I have. The most annoying thing with well played 16 mm film that I have found is vertical scratches that unless digitally altered are annoying and make it tough to enjoy the film when these prints are transfered to dvd /hard drive.

Mark Hamilton (I) is on imdb.com
Joseph Hamilton (I) is on imdb.com
Gertrude Brooke Hamilton is on imdb.com

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