Projector Recommendation Please

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Projector Recommendation Please

PostMon May 21, 2018 3:58 pm

I have a room upstairs I use as a theater room. I have a stand on one end of the room on which I have an IDGlax projector that projects to the opposing wall (14 feet away). I have blackout curtains so the room is dark 24/7, walls and ceiling painted black, and the wall I screen against painted a screen color. At 14 feet the IDGlax projects and image about 10 foot diagonal in size. While it does a pretty good job and gives a nice large image, it projects at only around 720. I am hoping to be able to project in HD to take advantage of the Blu Ray technology. I do not need 3D or anything like that. Most of what is projected would be old/silent films and games from my son's Xbox One. I just want the capability of projecting a large projection at 14 feet in HD. I have looked online and there is a dizzying assortment of choices.

Can someone please recommend a brand/model that might do the trick for me. I would be very appreciative because with all of the choices and technologies at best I would be taking a shot in the dark.

With appreciation,
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Re: Projector Recommendation Please

PostTue May 22, 2018 12:37 pm ... &sort=name

This is a long list of digital projectors that project in the Academy Ratio.
If your primary content is silent films or pre-1950 classic movies then
these projectors will give you nice big 1:33:1 square (as opposed to a square
inside of a rectangle that a 16:9 will give you). The compromise is that your
son's Xbox games will be a rectangle inside a square. Another is that resolution
is mostly 720p with 1080p available at a much higher costs for makers like Canon. ... ratios.asp

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