TCM Going HDTV Soon?

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Salty Dog

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TCM Going HDTV Soon?

PostMon Jun 22, 2009 10:19 pm

Not sure where to post this, but there is an interesting thread on the AVS website about Turner Classics Movies Finally going to HDTV:
Bill Coleman
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Christopher Jacobs


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PostThu Jun 25, 2009 2:08 am

If our cable provider ever adds a high-definition version of TCM to its HD package, it would be the single reason to splurge for the HD upgrade. However, according to the information gleaned from that web forum, it appears that the first year or two TCM will merely be upconverting its standard video transfers to the HD channel before they have enough actual HD transfers to broadcast. If that's the case, I'll get by watching the standard TCM for a while and use the money saved to buy more classic BluRays as they come out. (RED SHOES, SNOW WHITE, and WIZARD OF OZ are to be released this fall, along with IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE, GONE WITH THE WIND, and others in the standard canon, but more inevitably to follow. I sure hope that Columbia's Ray Harryhausen set sold well enough to encourage more classic titles on BluRay in the near future.)

Even the best HDTV broadcasts, however, are still much more highly compressed than a decent BluRay release, so I'd still rather buy the BluRay of anything I liked that I might see on TCM-HD (just like a commercial DVD looks much better than a standard cable broadcast).

--Christopher Jacobs
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Mike Gebert

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PostThu Jun 25, 2009 5:49 am

Even the best HDTV broadcasts, however, are still much more highly compressed than a decent BluRay release

Although I'll say that I've only ever noticed that fact with one movie-- Speed Racer, which whips around so much on crowd scenes and the like that you can see it go all blocky. Otherwise, it's been gorgeous.

That's not to say that buying blu-ray discs may not be a better choice than paying a monthly fee and hoping for what comes along.
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PostFri Sep 04, 2009 4:02 pm

Doesn't the compression vary between cable companies, and satellite providers? I mean some places would have less compression in the delivered signal wouldn't they?

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