Coca-Cola (1982)

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Coca-Cola (1982)

PostTue Sep 01, 2015 7:29 pm

In the early 80s, the Coca-Cola ads that McCann-Erickson remade in Argentina, were actually bad commercials and most of the original versions in English are terrible (the one that launched Diet Coca-Cola, in the two versions).

But surprisingly, an ad from Argentina managed to become a pan regional version, with changes in the soundtrack only, to partially modify some of the lyrics. I wasn't sure where the ad was filmed due to the way everything is presented, but somebody confirmed that the bus that they used is a Mercedes Benz that at the time was manufactured in Argentina.

While this commercial was shown in all of Latin America, I guess that in Brazil, they only changed the ending and I'm not sure if it was shown in the Spanish language stations, here in the US.

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