Stella Artois (2005)

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Stella Artois (2005)

PostMon Sep 19, 2016 10:00 pm

The Stella Artois commercials are distinguished because for the most part, all of them are pan regional. With minor changes here and there they play in different parts of the world and, if uninformed, it is always difficult to find their origin.

I used to see this one screened at the Kendall Square Movie Theater, in Cambridge here in Massachusetts, and I couldn't figure it out where it was from, specially because I never saw it on television. The fact that the actors speak in French, the music is Italian and the titles are in English (although I think that it played with subtitles).

Then, four years ago, I was watching a show devoted to commercials from Argentina and they explained that although we may have an impression that the origin of a commercial may be one, reality is that despite the language used their origin can well be completely different. In the case of this particular ad I have to say that it was produced in Argentina and a friend confirmed that in Buenos Aires it used to air on prime time.

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