Chevrolet Onix (2013, Pan Regional)

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Chevrolet Onix (2013, Pan Regional)

PostWed Sep 21, 2016 11:15 pm

Pan Regional commercials mean that with minor changes the ads can be shown simultaneously in different countries. McCann-Erickson, the agency that handles both Coca-Cola and General Motors, for the most part have been doing these kind of versions since the sixties although others have done it too.

These versions had throughout the years a number of restrictions in many countries in order to protect domestic production. However, by the mid eighties, legislation began to slowly allow these versions and by now commercials can be actually filmed in one country to air in many others with almost no changes.

Here is a rather contemporary example of a pan regional commercial that McCann-Erickson produced in Brazil. This is the original version in Portuguese.

Since GM manufactured that model in Brazil, the above version is the original... however, with minor but perceptible changes this commercial also aired in Argentina in Spanish. A number of shots were replaced in order to get rid of the Brazilian car plates and placing Argentinean plates as well an image of a display that in the original version is Portuguese and in the sister version is in Spanish.

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