What Movie Stars Have You Watched on Vintage TV Recently?

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What Movie Stars Have You Watched on Vintage TV Recently?

PostTue Aug 22, 2017 12:00 pm

Been meaning to start a thread here on this subject for awhile, similar to the "recent views" of silent and talkies - which classic movie stars have you watched on vintage tv shows recently? Can be of course over tv broadcast, internet, dvds, etc.

The Decades channel is available in a city about 90 minutes away from me, I can pull it in most nights but not always and often not a whole show which can make for frustrated viewing. But I've see some great stuff recently on it, notably several LAUGH IN episodes, a number of which feature movie legends in not only cameos as featured guest star. I watched this show is a as a kid and of course most of the racy jokes went over my head at the time (I'm not sure that would necessarily be the case today with today's eight or nine year olds). I was delighted to see Rita Hayworth's episode in which she made multiple appearances cracking wise ("Back in 1951 you couldn't say the word 'virgin' in films; in today's movies you can't find one") and even singing with the femme cast with everybody decked out as Sadie Thompson (earthier than Hayworth's original characterization to be sure). She also had some good quips in a running sketch as a caustic nurse and had a fun sketch with Lily Tomlin in her "tasteful lady" character" as they sipped tea daintily and bashed the uncouth broads on the show (I remember the sketch from 1971 and never knew it was with Hayworth - heck, I didn't even know who Rita was at the time and wouldn't for at least another seven years). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbNn_NkwEhQ

I've also seen everyone from Greer Garson (looking gorgeous) to Edward G. Robinson appear in the various blackout skits on the show over the last two weeks.

Also on this channel was something called "The Achievers" which apparently is a low-budget clip show from the 1990's consisting of public domain footage and trailers. An episode about Gloria Swanson (not listed on IMDb but a yahoo search pulls it up from the producers where it can be yours on dvd for a rather pricey $99) had little rare footage other than a 1936 newsreel with Gloria at the racetrack presenting trophies with Joan Crawford (Barbara Stanwyck is also briefly seen) and some short color footage of Gloria in the 1970's talking to the camera about De Mille. The episode ends with what appears to be Super 8 footage of Gloria signing copies of her autobiography in 1980. Typical production for this sort of thing although what stands out was the print quality was much better than the norm including clips from Indiscreet (probably an extended trailer) and fairly rare The Loves of Sunya.

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