Ford Sierra XR4 (1984)

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Ford Sierra XR4 (1984)

PostFri Jun 29, 2018 6:33 pm

This famous commercial have been available for years, but today a version in HD was posted (even though it came from a VHS preserved by Ford) and I decided to improve the visual quality and its sound.

The Ford Sierra model was quite a revolution in its day, the forerunner of all cars that have been on our streets for the last 30 years. Considering all of the commercials produced in the four countries where it was manufactured (England, Germany, Venezuela, and Argentina) this is by far the best of all. In the United States, this model was rebranded with the very unappealing name of Mercur XR4ti and was only offered as a coupe; it was a big failure because it was imported from Europe instead of Venezuela or Argentina which could have saved Ford a lot of money.

While the American commercials for this model are bad, this one actually won an award at a film festival in New York.

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