Sherman Grinberg Newsreels Archive Active Once Again!!

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Sherman Grinberg Newsreels Archive Active Once Again!!

PostSun Dec 24, 2017 2:28 pm

After something like two decades of being in hiding or unavailable at its online addresses and telephone numbers, the hoards of newsreels from American Pathe (its final two distributors were RKO Radio Pictures and then Warner Bros. until it ended all American distribution circa 1957) AND from the Paramount Pictures newsreels collection, the Grinberg hoards are, in part, accessible once again. Yes, it turns out they still exist and I'm thrilled, as a newsreels fan, historian, and lunatic.

Try" to connect with them. Loads of brief excerpts are already posted for viewing. Licensing via their site or contact them any way you want. The point is, the hoards, all or in-part, are back.


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