Bill Paxton & Buster Keaton

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Bill Paxton & Buster Keaton

PostTue Feb 28, 2017 12:29 pm

Just listened to a recent interview with Bill Paxton on the WTF With Marc Maron podcast, taped only a week or two ago, in the wake of the actor's too-soon passing this weekend.

Pertinent to this board is a segment where he talks about his early fascination with Buster Keaton, which began when he read Rudi Blesh's biography of the Great Stone Face while working a mining gig out in Wyoming. He goes on to find some Blackhawk Films prints of Keaton films at the local library and is inspired to make short films with friends and neighbours in the community, including one he titles "Heart Luck" after the then-lost Keaton short Hard Luck, which he read about in Blesh's book.

This part of the interview begins at the 1:12:50 mark, although I enjoyed the whole thing (which starts around 25 minutes in) where he talks about his childhood, seeing JFK in Forth Worth the day before Dallas happened, and working for Roger Corman early on.
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