Three Way Trail- 1925?

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Three Way Trail- 1925?

PostFri Mar 31, 2017 10:45 am

Does anyone know if the multiple announcements in the LA Times for the film "Three Way Trail" 1925 every resulted in making it to the screen or was it released under a different title? has multiple studio announcements in late June early July 1925 in the LA times mentioning the cast, location, and production team for this title. It also mentions that the filming would begin in a few days at Universal in the last week of June 1925.

Producer: Jerry G. Mayer
Assistant Producers: Dick Rush, Burl T Tuttle
Director: Walter Irving
Set Construction: Jim Thorpe
Genre: Western epic
Location: Universal Studios and on location in Nevada
Theme: 1860 Sacramento
Cast: George Rigas, Sheldon Lewis, Walter Shumway, June Norton, Ford Sterling, Dot Farley, George Fawcett, Charleton King, Mark Hamilton, Joseph Swickard, and Mary Jane Irving.

My initial feeling was that JG Mayer's Production company was fizzling out by 1925 and he may have gone to work for Louis Mayer by end of 1925? Unclear if his company ran out of money and cancelled the release or ?, but when you look up all of the cast members filmography nothing close to this title comes up for any of them that I can tell. Since Mark Hamilton switched agents by 1926 from Mayer to WO Christenson, perhaps Mayer's company was no more by then.
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Re: Three Way Trail- 1925?

PostFri Mar 31, 2017 7:32 pm

Have you checked Lantern Media History to see if this film is mentioned there?

I recall seeing a few film titles lined up for Tom Tyler but for whatever reason were not made - and that was when he was under contract at FBO
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