Recent Announcement by London Transport Authority

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Lokke Heiss

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Recent Announcement by London Transport Authority

PostSat Apr 01, 2017 9:34 pm

I just saw this on the BBC news feed -

On the heels of the discovery of a portion of 1927 Louise Brooks film, Now We’re in the Air, comes more wonderful news, the London Transportation Authority announced yesterday the discovery of what a may be a very substantial find. London Transport archivist Ian Nunn has announced that in preparation for London tube's beginning of after-midnight service in 2016, he was investigating materials relating to prior efforts to provide London with around-the-clock transportation, when he discovered a series of reels that concerned late night goings on in London. At first he ignored the reels, thinking they were part of a larger collection of public announcements and news items related to earlier attempts to provide service to London after midnight, but on a recent and more careful inspection, he has determined what he has is unrelated to the London subway and instead, appear to be incomplete reels of a feature film.

The BFI has been contacted, and it is expected that soon that the name of the film will be verified and confirmed. Nunn has said he is very excited that the London Underground service has a role to play in film preservation, and to stay tuned to London Transportation and BFI for further announcements.
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Re: Recent Announcement by London Transport Authority

PostSat Apr 01, 2017 10:42 pm

Thats so weird! I was just reading about another discovery just like that! It was in San Francisco I believe, it was something like 40 reels of nitrate that was at a flea market on Polk street. They all had something to fo with selfishness or greed or something. What a crazy day april 1st has been for us silent film folk!
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Re: Recent Announcement by London Transport Authority

PostSun Apr 02, 2017 1:34 pm

That's nothing! A couple of fellows up here in Canada took their hats off, and ...


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