Library Silent Stills

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Library Silent Stills

PostMon May 29, 2017 10:41 am

I found the following still at an antique store and wondered if anybody could identify it for me. I bought a total of six, but the other five were easy to identify (popular film stills/scenes with Mabel Normand, Gloria Swanson, William S. Hart, Charlie Chaplin, and John Bunny).

Also, these stills are on paperboard (roughly 13X11) and came from the Maple Heights Public Library in Ohio. Any thoughts on how they would have used them? Some had the name of the film on the back with a brief description, but none of the six I bought had any markings, other than a stamp with the library name/address. Any help you can offer would be appreciated.


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Re: Library Silent Stills

PostMon May 29, 2017 3:23 pm

Without a larger image and closer view of her face, I can't be sure who it is. Perhaps they had these displayed in the library at one time and put them on paperboard. Can't think of other reasons.
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Library Silent Stills

PostMon May 29, 2017 3:47 pm

Without a larger image and closer view of her face.....

Click for bigger blurred image
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Re: Library Silent Stills

PostMon May 29, 2017 3:57 pm

Dot Farley?
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Re: Library Silent Stills

PostTue May 30, 2017 7:48 am

No, not Farley. That said, unfortunately I don't anything positive to offer on who it is.


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Re: Library Silent Stills

PostFri Jun 02, 2017 4:53 pm

the lady looks to be Edythe Chapman.

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