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The Dipper

PostWed May 30, 2018 2:35 am

For my upcoming book on the silent era in North Carolina, I'm looking for credits for a one-reeler called "The Dipper" (1916). It was based on a prose poem by Walt Mason and was directed by A. J. Rothemel. Those are the only credits I have.

I've gone through the trades and the N.C. newspapers but I can't find any other names.

Does anybody know anything about this?


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Re: The Dipper

PostWed May 30, 2018 9:06 am

All I could find was what you probably already have: The film was released through Filmcraft, which was run by Royal Rothermel. Addison Rothermel directed the film. He was probably Roy's brother or cousin. The live film had a little animation in it that was provided by A.B. Heath of the the Kineticartoon Corporation. The short was marketed as the first in a series of four, based on the poems of Walt Mason and were distributed by A. Kay Corporation. A, Kay would also sign up to distribute the Lion Comedies made by Masterpictures.
Addison was raised on a houseboat in NYC and is mostly noted for appearing on the Edison movie Treasure Island (1912).
Here is a link about his youth: ... re-island/

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