Help Wanted - Identifying a Film

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Help Wanted - Identifying a Film

PostMon Mar 27, 2017 2:42 am

About 25-30 years back I attended a friend's house where we watched an opera video, at the end of which my host played a small selection of scenes from older operatic themed pictures. All these scenes were mostly comedic in nature and one in particular caused the greatest amount of collective guffawing I have encountered.

The scene in question comes definitely from a Continental picture, I thought German but it could be Italian or Swedish for that matter. An opera is about to be presented on stage and what happens is that the Stage Manager has had to hire some supernumeraries at the last moment and has therefore had no time to teach them all their stage movements. He therefore tells them to watch him - he'll be in the wings and he will do all the movements they are required to make. All they have to do is watch and copy.

Well the supernumeraries come on stage for the big scene and their eyes are riveted on the stage manager. All goes well as he gives them the first couple of movements - then he is interrupted. He is informed that something has gone terribly wrong somewhere with something or other, so he starts to tell the person off, gesticulating wildly - with each of these mannerisms being dutifully copied by said supernumeraries. Of course, what the audience in the theatre is seeing is a whole lot of people doing completely idiotic things totally out of synch. with the opera.

I would love to see this scene again - and probably the whole film too.

If anyone can shed some light from the above rather slight information, I should be ever so grateful.

I thank you.
Regards from
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