First movie you saw... in a theater still extant

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Re: First movie you saw... in a theater still extant

PostSat Jul 01, 2017 7:00 pm

The first two films I saw in theater were "Snoopy, Come Home" and "That Darn Cat".

This was at the then single-screen Parkway Theater in my home town, West Jefferson, NC.

The theater still operates. It opened in its current location in 1947 and was previously next door (a furniture store when I was growing up). Around 1977-78, it closed briefly and became a two-screen.

It still looks the same as it did in 1947 - just check out this photo. It looks just like that except they're not showing "Loving You".

The theater went through a tough period in the early 90s and there were rumors that it would close. I decided to go to a show, thinking it might be the last time I'd be there, in 1993. They were showing "Addams Family Values" and "The Beverly Hillbillies". I think there might have been a total of a dozen people in the place on a Saturday night.

There was a collapse of manufacturing jobs in the area at the time. But, they focused more on tourism, and bounced back to a certain extent. The theater is still going.

They have a Christmas in July festival each year to promote the Christmas tree farms in the area. I've often thought they could do revivals of older movies (James Bond, Elvis, even 80s films) during the month to catch the tourist trade, but they're still showing current movies and the occasional block-booking from some Christian film arranged by local churches.

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