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PostMon Apr 17, 2017 6:37 pm

Rewatched A FACE IN THE FOG (1936) recently with my wife and was reminded of how horrendous and hacked-up our copy is. The image quality is sufficiently poor that it's sometimes difficult to discern exactly what's going on or tell one character from another, and several crucial scenes are marred with severe cuts that chop out significant amounts of dialogue.

We didn't like the film one bit, but it's hard to be objective (especially about a murder-mystery) when the print has clearly taken such a beating. The only other discussion of the film on Nitrateville seems to be a couple of brief mentions here. The folks in that thread who saw it liked it, which makes me wonder if they benefited from a better copy.

Are there any other sources for A FACE IN THE FOG that aren't hacked to bits (or transferred on a bedsheet in a half-lit room)? Is it one of those cases where the only surviving print is incredibly rough? Seeking out better or more complete copies of e.g. THE GHOST WALKS or TORTURE SHIP (the latter with Lyle Talbot and the inimitable Skelton Knaggs) significantly changed our opinion of those films -- though now that I think of it, in both cases the "better" prints we found were also missing scenes that were present in the "bad" copy.

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