Book on Universal Studios Monsters out next month

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Book on Universal Studios Monsters out next month

PostWed May 10, 2017 5:04 pm

My book on the monster movies at Universal studios will be out June 15th. Along with the usual plot descriptions and critical assessments that are expected, I tried to find info and photos I had not seen elsewhere. Been a fan of these movies since the early 60s. I can still smell the paint from those Aurora models!

Here is the amazon pre-order link: ... 1442278161

Yeah, I know, my W.C. Fields book just came out and now I have another book being released. I am asked all the time "how do you write books so quickly." The answer: I don't! The monster book was completed before I even got a contract for the Fields book. But they were for two different publishers and the publisher decides when to release the book, so sometimes they come out pretty much on top of each other. I don't particularly like that, but release dates and the price are two things over which I have no control.

I used to go as long as 9 years between books when I still worked full time, but since I retired I have made writing my "job." I spend about five or six hours, five days per week, writing the current book, and another one or two hours researching the next project. That way, when I finish one book, the research is all set for the next one. Takes about a year of full time work like this (and I do have a small staff that helps with research and proofreading -- nobody writes a book alone). But I do work with different publishers depending on the project, so often a lot of books of mine are released close to each other and they were written a year apart. I am right now doing a book on the Charlie Chan series for Bear Manor. I will then start a book on the Thelma Todd-ZaSu Pitts- Patsy Kelly series for McFarland. The Monsters book is from Rowman and Littlefield.

Thanks to anyone who has any interest in these projects.

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