Fedora (1978)

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Fedora (1978)

PostTue Jun 13, 2017 8:41 am

Although Billy Wilder's Fedora (1978) may not interest a lot of people, I thought it was delightful. It examines much of the same territory as Sunset Blvd, but becomes a mixture of satire, old Hollywood, mystery and horror.

Once again William Holden becomes the spokesperson for the plot, although more shopworn and tired looking than he was 30 years earlier. The reel hook in this melo-melodrama is the twist and turns of the story. I found it compelling and never once had my finger on the fast forward button, which is unusual for me.

I remember its release, and how badly it flopped at the B.O. But it doesn't deserve that kind of treatment today.

Does anybody have anymore thoughts on this intriguing film?



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Re: Fedora (1978)

PostTue Jun 13, 2017 1:12 pm

I saw FEDORA in one of the London rep cinemas - the Scala, I think, around 1980. It was paired with NINOTCHKA, and I was quite taken with the film at the time. How I'd react now, I've no idea...
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Re: Fedora (1978)

PostTue Jun 13, 2017 1:14 pm

Time Out's film guide raves about it: "shamefully underrated", "one of the most sublime achievements of the 70s", "finely acted, mysterious, witty, moving and magnificent".

In other words, they liked it.

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Re: Fedora (1978)

PostThu Jun 15, 2017 6:13 am

I watched it again not too long ago and, while not a great movie it is certainly a very, very interesting one. Miklos Rozsa's score adds a tremendous amount of gravitas to the picture. I can see where its 70's somberness did not ignite the box office. It's very much an "old home week" film and the parallels to SUNSET BOULEVARD make it enjoyable on many levels.
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