Always in Trouble (1938)

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Always in Trouble (1938)

PostMon Aug 28, 2017 8:53 am

I've been hunting down Jane Withers vehicles from the 30s/40s, and watched this one last week. It was made for TCF, where Jane worked until '42, I believe. Her pictures tended to be medium budget co-features with running times anywhere from 65 to 80 minutes. After the mid-30s, when Jane was presented as a hellion and a counterpart to Shirley Temple, the scenarists presented her as a fun-loving, boisterous girl, often a tomboy. (By 1940, the adolescent Jane was groomed for romantic teen stories, and she no longer led the pack.) This one, Always in Trouble, has one of the damndest speech patterns I've ever heard. Specifically, Jane and most of the cast members talk about taking off to Miami, which they pronounce 'Mee-am-mee." Actually, the first character to mention it says as we do today -- after that, it's Mee-am-mee, and the plot forces them to say it over and over. So strange!! On this forum, we've talked about Los Angeles pronounced with a hard 'g' in 30s and 40s films. Try to see this film if you're into strange old pronunciations. By the evidence of this film, it was an alternate pronunciation 80 years ago -- one I'd never heard til last week. (I also looked up the NYT's review of this film, which makes a catty comment about Withers looking chunky in the film -- I think they actually referred to her "matronly" appearance!)
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Re: Always in Trouble (1938)

PostMon Aug 28, 2017 11:39 am

This was screened at Cinecon in 2014, and both Frederica and I noted the weird pronunciation of "Miami".

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