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2017 Discoveries at RupertPupkinSpeaks.com

PostSun Jan 14, 2018 1:11 pm

Brian Saur's blog Rupert Pupkin Speaks is running lists of things people from other blogs, podcasts, repertory theaters, screenwriters (Larry Karaszewski of Ed Wood and The People vs. Larry Flynt), etc. saw for the first time in 2017. They vary a lot depending on who the person is, on any given day it might be all 80s exploitation films, or it might be obscure 1940s noirs, you never know, so it's worth checking out to see what tickled somebody else's fancy. Mine will appear sometime, but plenty to read till then!

Saur is also co-host of the Pure Cinema Podcast, which recently did a good intro-to-silent-cinema show here.
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