Brazilian meat scandal.

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Brazilian meat scandal.

PostMon Mar 20, 2017 10:46 am

Hi everyone

For who likes barbecue, hamburguers, fine meat, don't worry with the brazilian meat scandal. I'm sure the exported meat it's good, and the answer is simple:

They left the rotten and altered meat to the idiots of brazilian people, since here the inspector/surveyor here are corrupt, the judges are corrupts, and they can buy these people to allow crimes go on. But they can't buy american and european inspector/surveyor cause in these countries the law are rigid with crimnials, different from here on Brazil where corruption is a institution.

I'm happy to be a vegetarian.

About our coffee and oranges, also a similar thing happen. The best sellections go to exportation and the worse part is sold to our internal market.
Keep thinking...


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