How do you do?

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Peter Dizozza

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How do you do?

PostFri Jun 18, 2010 11:33 am

Hi, I'm Peter Dizozza and I enjoyed the efilm forum and it appears to be gone. I am grateful for everything I learned about enjoying movies. I'm a fan of transparency projection. It looks like those still images are moving smoothly, apparently it is not because of the persistence of memory. The idea that we can one day identify the iterations creating the effect is, I believe much more devastating to the enjoyment of digital reproductions.

-- and then there's the optical sound which can go through those big old magnet speakers and also sound pretty good, though I understand there is a limit to the hi-lo sound range.

The reason why I wanted to post somewhere is because I just bought odd 16mm reels of film up the block and I want your input on what they are and whether anyone has the missing portions.

I live on East 12th Street in Manhattan.

Thank you.

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PostFri Jun 18, 2010 2:42 pm

Hi, Peter. I hope to see you about town at MOMA or Film Forum or Anthology or Silent Clowns.

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