Film is pretty filthy stuff

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Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

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Film is pretty filthy stuff

PostThu Nov 30, 2017 1:30 pm

I was working with a 16mm 1940’s film that was a hurricane survivor. I normally use Edwal Anti Stat Film Cleaner to clean the films, but this film was particularly messed up. While the Edwal cleaned some of the dirt off, it left a lot to be desired in the cleaning dept. So, I decided to give Urbanski’s Filmrenew a try. I was amazed with what the Filmrenew cleaned off the film.

https://danieldteolijrarchivalcollectio ... thy-stuff/

(No financial interest in any of these products
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Re: Film is pretty filthy stuff

PostFri Dec 01, 2017 12:32 pm

I've used FilmRenew for several years, and it works great. So well, that I've used it all up...

I clean my films in our garage with the garage door open, so that the fumes don't bother me.

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