Research work- looking for titles

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Research work- looking for titles

PostWed Apr 25, 2018 3:57 pm

I am working on some film research for someone and am trying to locate the following titles in any format that I can get them. Some of them may be only exist in archives like UCLA which doesn't do me much good. If anyone knows where I can locate a couple of these, I would love it. IMDB says some of them were distributed by Hollywood's Best or Teakwood but I don't know how to find or contact them about their titles, that would also be helpful. Thanks in advance!

Waterfront At Midnight (1948)

Shaggy (1948)

I Cover Big Town (1947)

All-American Sweetheart (1937)

Hot Cargo (1946)

National Barn Dance (1944)

Little Orphan Annie (1938)

Sophie Lang Goes West (1937)

She's No Lady (1937)

Midnight Madonna (1937)

The Barrier (1937)

Blonde Trouble (1937)

Nevada (1935)

The First Circle (1973)

It's A Great Life (1935)

Rose Of The Rancho (1936)

Wanderer Of The Wasteland (1935)

The Virginia Judge (1935)

Home On The Range (1935)

Annapolis Farewell (1935)

Torpedo Boat (1942)

Mama Loves Papa (1933)

Big Executive (1933)

Hell And High Water (1933)

Cradle Song (1933)

Wild Horse Mesa (1932)

The Wiser Sex (1932)

Lily Christine (1932)

Second Wife (1930)

Tomorrow And Tomorrow (1932)

The Case of Sergeant Grischa (1930)

Rango (1931)

Women Love Once (1931)

Honeymoon Lane (1931)
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Re: Research work- looking for titles

PostFri Apr 27, 2018 9:01 am

I have a 16mm print of SECOND WIFE (both versions). Hasn't it been on TCM?
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