Surviving Kinemacolor

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Surviving Kinemacolor

PostSat Mar 08, 2008 2:36 pm

This year sees the centenary of the first public exhibition of Kinemacolor (1 May 1908). As part of efforts I'm undertaking to publicise Kinemacolor in general, I'm compiling a lising of all extant Kinemacolor films. I know about the collections at Bologna and the BFI, about The Scarlet Letter at George Eastman House and the one reel of With Our King and Queen Through India (the Delhi Durbar) which is in Krasnogorsk in Russia, and one or two other titles dotted here and there. However, I'm sure (or I'm hopeful) that there are other titles that I'm not aware of, particularly films which may be lurking in archives who may not be aware that what they have in Kinemacolor (which, of course, looks like b/w film until it's projected correctly).

I'd be grateful if anyone could let me know of Kinemacolor films they may have seen, either through this Forum or email me [lmckernan /at/]. For instance, there was a Kinemacolor film featured at Cinecon 34 - did anyone here see it or can they identify it? Has anyone seen the piece of Kinemacolor film of Lillian Russell, apparently in Tosca?

I'll be publishing the filmography in a forthcoming special issue of Film History on early colour.


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