Crashing Hollywood (1938) and the RKO Lot

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Crashing Hollywood (1938) and the RKO Lot

PostSat Jun 17, 2017 12:37 pm

This picture aired on TCM yesterday as part of a series of little-seen Lew Landers RKO pictures. The story (a pair of crooks become Hollywood screenwriters and fall under suspicion when their script too closely resembles a real-life unsolved robbery) is no great shakes - let's face it, that's true of much of RKO's non-Fred-and-Ginger productions of this period - but there is interest in seeing a number of sequences filmed in and around the RKO lot on the corner of Melrose and Gower Street, including its Gower Street entrance. Worth a look if you have access to TCM's on demand service.

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