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6 films preserved by EYE now on NFPF site

Posted: Thu Nov 30, 2017 8:58 pm
by BenModel
Six films recently preserved as part of the NFPF's "EYE Project" have just been posted to the NFPF website: A Model Husband (1915) with Myers & Theby, Flaming Canyons (1929), Making High-Grade Paper (1914), The Dairy Industry and the Canning of Milk (1917), Patsy's Elopement (1915) and A Trip through the Lassen Volcanic National Park (1918).

I scored the Myers & Theby (which also has film notes by Steve Massa), Stephen Horne scores the Canyons short, and the rest have scores by Michael Mortilla.

Go to the EYE Project page on the NFPF Screening Room and sort by "Recently Added" to view the films.