Playing the pictures in late 1914 early 1915

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Playing the pictures in late 1914 early 1915

Unread post by gentlemanfarmer » Wed Apr 04, 2012 6:31 am

As reported in the February, 1915 edition of Jacob's Orchestra Monthly:

Albany, GA - At the Rawlins Theatre, a picture house here showing World's Feature Films, the musical program the week of December 14th included the following numbers: "Pique Dame" overture, Suppe; "Poet and Peasant" overture Suppe; "William Tell" overture, Rossini; "Madame Butterfly" selection, Puccini; "La Boheme" selection, Puccini; "La Traviata" selection, Verdi; "The Rose Maid" selection, Granichstaedten; "Mlle. Modiste" selection, Herbert; "Faust" selection, Gounod; and "Vision of Salome" descriptive fantasy, Lampe. N. C. Ziegler is the musical director of the orchestra at this house. (page 2)

Columbus, GA - On the musical program played in connection with the photoplay "The Battle of Love" at the Bonita Theatre here recently by the orchestra under the direction of George Hamrick we notice the following numbers: "At the Mississippi Cabaret" one-step, Bumble; "High Jinks" selection, Friml; "Wedding of the Rose" intermezzo, Jessel; "Sweethearts" selection, Herbert: "Romantic" overture, Keler-Bela; and "I Want to Linger" fox trot, Marshall. Mr. Hamrick will also furnish a large orchestra for the new picture house now being constructed here, "The Grand". (page 8

Milton, PA - The orchestra at the Bijou Dream Theatre, a picture house here, is under the direction of A. D. Miller. In connection with the performances at this house the week of January 4th, the musical programs rendered by the orchestra included "After Vespers," a twilight meditation, Moret; "Malvina" waltz, Allen; "The Enchantress" selection, Herbert; "On the Banks of Lovelight Bay" waltz, Williams; "The Magician" gavotte, Farrand; "The Love Wager" selection, Hambitzer; and "Adele" two-step, Briquet. (page 17)

I assume that these are the piece played as overtures or around the shows performances? Although, you might interpret the Columbus, GA article as indicating they were used to accompany the film, or perhaps not, but surely these selections would also end up being used at times to accompany the films. Thoughts anyone?

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