Rythmodik Piano Roll Music For 1913 Theatrical

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Rythmodik Piano Roll Music For 1913 Theatrical

Unread post by misteranalog » Thu Sep 12, 2013 2:02 pm

http://archive.org/details/RythmodikPia ... anOfOz1913" target="_blank" target="_blank

Came across this piano roll music recording for the 1913 theatrical The Tik Tok Man of Oz

The Rythmodik company seems to have had thousands of rolls of piano music for "silent"filmsand theatricals

Those who cannot afford to pay to have a new score written and recorded might see if any such piano rolls survive
for movies of interest.My guess is that piano rolls were used at film performances outside of the major cities.

If anyone has any information about piano rolls for movies such as The Phantom of the Opera, Lost World, speak out.

If there is some way to hook up the piano rolls to a computer to generate a film score electronically, that would be cool

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Jack Theakston
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Re: Rythmodik Piano Roll Music For 1913 Theatrical

Unread post by Jack Theakston » Fri Sep 20, 2013 9:00 am

This seems to be a recording of the song from the Broadway production, not for a film.

Given the length of films, most piano rolls at best would be put on a double-roll player such as a Fotoplayer, and cued back and forth, rather than playing one roll. By even the mid-1910s, this method would be considered antiquated, and given the wealth of capable musicians, the vast majority of theaters would be using live musicians rather than pre-recorded music.
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Re: Rythmodik Piano Roll Music For 1913 Theatrical

Unread post by FrankFay » Sun Sep 22, 2013 4:09 pm

As far as late piano roll use goes, I've seen a very rudimentary "cue sheet" for THE BIG PARADE - The operators piano co. specified putting two rolls (light dramatic and a march medley) on one of their Reproduco piano/organ machines and switching back and forth. Sounds highly unsatisfactory to me. They also listed one roll as "assorted marches for newsreels" which sounds more likely to me.
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