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Peacherine Orchestra News - Score Rentals, Rebranding & More

Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2014 1:32 pm
by Andrew Greene
Greetings all,

I'm very excited to announce several major things regarding my Peacherine Orchestra.

First off, we've rebranded ourselves as The Peacherine Ragtime Society Orchestra! PRSO, as it will now be called, has undergone a facelift, updating and adding new programming for our concert and silent film activities, and, brand new dance programs! As part of that, we have a BEAUTIFUL new logo designed by the always wonderful Joe Busam Sr. Image

Second, we have launched a completely redesigned website, same address as before:
Please note: The old site was" target="_blank. We will no longer be using that site.

The site has undergone a major facelift, advertising our new events, concerts, silent film programs, dance programs, AND, starting today, limited photocopies of orchestrations and piano sheet music from our collections.

ALSO, we are now offering Silent Film Score rentals, for groups and individual performers who want to use Peacherine's scores for their programs! As of right now, we have a limited selection of comedies starring Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, and Harold Lloyd for rental. We will be expanding into non-comedies and offering new scores, and commissions for score compilations over time. For more information on score rentals, and/or photocopies of orchestrations/piano scores, visit this page:

Lastly, I am EXTREMELY excited to announce the acquisition of the Louis Henry Burns Jr. Sheet Music Collection, a treasure trove of over 2,500 piano scores from the 1900s through the 1970s, along with some ephemera from Mr. Burns' career! The collection features a mixture of ragtime, popular songs, band arrangements, and more, belonging to Mr. Burns, a former Kansas City musician, including some silent film music. We are incredibly grateful to the Burns Family for donating the collection to us, and we will be making this collection available to researchers, and will offer limited photocopies of the scores to interested individuals! Once we have finished cataloging the collection, we will upload the list to our website.

I encourage all of you to visit Peacherine's new site, check out our programming offerings, our silent film scores, examples of our silent film work, and please tell your friends about us!

Thank you,
Andrew Greene
Founder & Director
Peacherine Ragtime Society Orchestra (formerly the Peacherine Ragtime Orchestra)