Timothy Brock Composes for LACO's screening of THE CAMERAMAN

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Re: Timothy Brock Composes for LACO's screening of THE CAMER

Unread post by Rodney » Mon May 24, 2010 7:26 am

I'm a little curious about the 22 fps thing that Timothy talks about. We've played our score for THE CAMERAMAN both to film (at 24 fps) and to the recent DVD, and it seems to be the same speed either way. Perhaps our scores are more forgiving (we don't listen to a click track while playing...)

Before the DVD, I only know of a VHS release, but I'm pretty sure that also was 24 fps. It was interesting in that it contained some scenes leading up to the hotel-doorman gag in the missing reel after the baseball game. These have been excised from the more recent restorations, which is much better in terms of the continuity of the film, but a loss for Keaton completists...
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