HUMORESQUE (1920)... scoring a film with tangos

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HUMORESQUE (1920)... scoring a film with tangos

Unread post by radiotelefonia » Tue Mar 25, 2008 5:50 pm

Thanks to the internet, we can get access to certain films that for the most part are unavailable.

One of those films is Frank Borzage's LUCKY STAR. The video is from the European restoration but it didn't have any music track.

For that reason, I decided to compile one of my own, although I am no composer, and used tangos instead of American music recorded by the Roberto Firpo quartet in from 1937 to 1950, although the melodies were mostly from before the release of the film (1929).

I liked the results. Except for the last one, I just randomly ordered them. Yet,
others who did see the video found that the music was unobtrusive and it even enhanced the scenes.

Encouraged by this, I decided to put music to an earlier Borzage film that circulates in the internet as well, although with much less quality: HUMORESQUE.

All of the tangos are contemporary to the film (1920) and were recorded by Argentine musicians at the Victor studios in Camden. Like in the previous case, I compile the tangos randomly and, although the results were good, I discovered that I ended doing a funny mistake: when the actor plays his violin in the in front of a large audience, you can hear a piano solo instead...

However, I did knew how to start the film and for that reason I used for the opening credits and the first minutes, the following tango called "Nueva York" by Osvaldo Fresedo, played by the composer in a bandoneon solo, that perfectly match Borzage images: ... Polverari)

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