Zamecnik's "My Paradise"

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Zamecnik's "My Paradise"

Unread post by Rodney » Wed Apr 27, 2011 12:43 pm

Giantman has requested J.S. Zamecnik's piece Paradise, which was used as a theme for The Wedding March. I happen to have recently acquired an arrangement -- assuming it's the same tune (this song is called My Paradise, which is not what shows up on the tie-in sheet music covers).

My Paradise is a waltz song from 1918. Like Neopolitan Nights for Fazil, it apparently wasn't written for the film, but was "borrowed" from the pre-existing Sam Fox catalog when the film came out. I've played it here with intro, verse, and then two choruses. (Is there a better way to embed audio? I'm not clear on that.)

My Paradise, played by Rodney Sauer

Here are the original lyrics (sorry, if you want to sing verse 2 you'll have to play the audio file again).

The rose has its perfume when kissed by the dew,
The birds have their love song at morn,
The day has the sunbeams that shine from the blue,
The world they all help to adorn;
The sea has its pearls and the stars have the night,
When twilight caresses the skies;
But with you to love me, need I seek above me,
To find there my own paradise?

No blushing rose the garden grows can equal your lips fair,
No purer pearl in all the world with your heart can compare,
No silver star that beams afar can shine like your dear eyes,
No world above can match your love, my own, my paradise.

The rose and its perfume may last but a day,
The robin may sing but an hour,
The blossoms that bloom in the treetops in May,
Will fall with the first summer shower;
The stars only shine when the clouds melt away,
Not half of the dreams e'er come true,
But love comes alluring and brings joy enduring,
That's why paradise is just you.

(Then sing another chorus, all join in!)
Rodney Sauer
The Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra
"Let the Music do the Talking!"

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Unread post by Gagman 66 » Wed Apr 27, 2011 1:02 pm


:o Wow! I didn't know that you were taking requests! Can we get a little bit of the original long awaited J. S.Zamecnik theme to WINGS? Any chance?

Basically, although I didn't recognize it at first. "MY PARADISE" is the same melody as "WHAT MY LIPS CAN'T SAY FOR ME". Especially, the second half, as you have rendered it. Beautiful tune. Thanks much.

Oh by the way, You and Mont Alto's score to THE GENERAL as shown on TCM a few weeks ago, was a gigantic improvement over Alloy Orchestra. It made the film much more enjoyable. Started out a little slowly, but really was a very fine score overall. Will this be the version TCM runs from now on? Also are they going to start running SHERLOCK JUNIOR with Mont Alto's score? I assume that they will, but haven't heard anything mentioned about this. At least not so far.

Paul Penna
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Unread post by Paul Penna » Wed Apr 27, 2011 1:47 pm

Beautiful, thank you. I couldn't help singing along, but luckily I won't post an mp3.

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Unread post by Jack Theakston » Sun May 15, 2011 11:21 pm


I think you're taking Robert Israel's score to GARDEN OF EDEN too literally. There is no such song as "What My Lips Can't Say For Me"— it is a fictional piece—Mr. Israel's scores being partly compilation sometime, he opted to use Zamecnik's piece to represent the piece. The astute musical viewer might notice that the sheet music featured in the film is in common time, while "My Paradise" is in three-quarter time, albeit more effective as a European love song than the former.
J. Theakston
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