Announcements of upcoming theatrical silent film exhibitions.
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Enjoy a unique evening of film and music accompaniment. Renowned organist Robert D. Salisbury will provide live music for classic silent movies.

Where: Congregational Bible Church - 430 East Tulare Ave. Shafter, CA 93263

When: Thursday, February 22nd 7:30pm-9pm - "The Winning of Barbara Worth" - 1926 - Drama - 1h 29m with Ronald Colman & Gary Cooper

Saturday, February 24th 1pm-2:30pm - "The Boat" - 1921 - Comedy - 22m with Buster Keaton

"Cops" - 1922 - Comedy - 18m with Buster Keaton

"Habeas Corpus" - 1928 - Comedy - 21m with Laurel & Hardy

Price: $10 for Adults, $5 for Students

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The Winning of Barbara Worth - 1926 - Drama, Romance, Western - 1h 29m

Jefferson Worth finds an orphan child in the desert and raises her as his daughter, Barbara. When grown, Barbara is beloved by Abe Lee (Gary Cooper), the foreman of her father's ranch and company. When a rich land developer arrives with plans to irrigate the desert, Worth joins forces with him.
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The Boat - 1921 - Comedy - 22m

Buster and his family go on a voyage on his homemade boat that proves to be on disaster after another.
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Cops - 1922 - Comedy - 18m

This is a comedy about a young man who accidently gets on the bad side of the entire Los Angeles Police Dept. during a parade and is chased all over town.

Habeas Corpus - 1928 - Comedy - 21m

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy try their hand at grave robbing when a mad scientist offers them $500 ($7,000 in today's money!) for a fresh corpse. Grim and ghostly mayhem ensues when the pair try to snatch the occupant of a new grave.
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What About Bob?

Bob Salisbury first exhibited his interest in music at the age of 7 when he began piano lessons in Los Angeles. He moved on to organ lessons at the age of 10 and theatre organ at age 13, studying with Gaylord Carter, the world's greatest silent film organist at the time. This began a 45 year relationship as friend and instructor.

In his home town of Avalon, California on Catalina Island, Bob played the Page Theatre Pipe Organ on a nightly basis before the movie. He also played organ for all 3 churches on Catalina Island.

Bob and his wife Mary have now semi-retired to La Quinta, California. Bob continues to play silent movies and concerts and is organist/choir director for the Congregational United Church of the Desert in Palm Desert, California.

Bob feels that silent films are the basis for today's film industry and his mission is to teach the proper technique for silent film accompaniment so the films may be preserved and enjoyed by future audiences

Bob was honored by the American Theatre Organ Society with a national award at the convention in 2010.

His favorite program is always the one he does next!

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