Portland, OR: KONG: LONG LIVE THE KING (2016) - 25 Feb

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Portland, OR: KONG: LONG LIVE THE KING (2016) - 25 Feb

Unread post by Brooksie » Sat Feb 11, 2017 9:36 pm

From https://hollywoodtheatre.org/events/kon ... -the-king/:


Saturday 25 February 2017, 7pm

The Portland debut of the new KING KONG documentary!

Benevolent Monster Productions and Studio 7 Entertainment present LONG LIVE THE KING, a brand new feature-length documentary about the enduring appeal of the character King Kong, and how he has inspired so many great filmmakers and artists since 1933. The documentary covers the 1933 classic SON OF KONG, Dino De Laurentiis’ KING KONG (1976), Peter Jackson’s KING KONG (2005), and the Rankin Bass Cartoon series of the 1960s, as well as Toho’s Japanese incarnations of Kong, including KING KONG VS. GODZILLA (1962) and KING KONG ESCAPES (1967)! Features interviews with director Joe Dante, FX icons Chris Walas and Greg Nicotero, monster guru Bob Burns, and "Hellboy" actor Doug Jones.

Director Frank Dietz and producer Trish Geiger in attendance.

Passes Accepted: Guest Pass and Member Guest Pass

DIRECTOR Frank Dietz
RUNTIME 1hr 7min
YEAR 2016

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