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"The Fugitive" in 35mm at Loew's Jersey, NJ

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 4:40 pm
by Loew'sJersey
Saturday, February 25 6PM

The Fugitive Starring Harrison Ford & Tommy Lee Jones. Directed by Andrew Davis. 1993 127mins. Rated PG-13. Screened in 35mm.

With a wry, intelligent sense of humor along with fast-paced action, “The Fugitive” is one of the most thoroughly entertaining films ever to careen through the action genre. But more than that, thanks to a well-crafted script and tight, assured direction, the movie is also a genuine suspense thriller, not too far removed from some of Hitchcock’s best. The film’s status as a modern classic is cemented by the great performances of its two stars who give the kind of believable, multi-dimensional characterizations that are not often associated with films that also have a large quotient of chase scenes and crashes. As the wrongly convicted Dr. Richard Kimble, Harrison Ford is at his dependable, everyman best, with more than a dash added in of the Hitchcock-ian average guy who’s been thrown into a whirlwind of circumstances and lies he does not understand. And Tommy Lee Jones gives unexpected depth to U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard, who in his dogged pursuit of the escaped Kimble could have been a boringly one dimensional character in the hands of a less skilled actor. Instead, it is a real movie treat to watch as Jones shows, step by step, how his wily, cynical character is rethinking everything he assumed he knew about the case, ultimately coming to a decidedly different outlook than what he started with.

Tommy Lee Jones won his Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his work in this film. But Harrison Ford, one of the most recognized actors of the last 40 years, has never won an Academy Award. And by the way, Julianne Moore, another fine actor who is an Oscar have-not, is also featured in “The Fugitive”.

Of course, the film is taken from the famous 1960s television series of the same name, and that in and of itself might be a cause for concern because the field of movies based on old TV shows is littered with bad ideas and box office bombs. But “The Fugitive” stands as one of the few successful exceptions – neither derivative nor outlandish. It is, ultimately, a great work on its own merit.

$8 for adults; $6 for seniors (65+) and children (12 & younger). Combo pricing for seeing more than one.

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