Columus, Ohio: Trail of the Vigilantes (1940)

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Columus, Ohio: Trail of the Vigilantes (1940)

Unread post by Shaynes3 » Mon Jan 21, 2008 2:01 pm

(This was posted earlier in "Talking About Talkies" but is more appropriate here - Sorry!)

The Wexner Center for the Arts is currently doing a series on Westerns, and will be running this film (considered by many to be a sleeper hit of last years Cinecon) on a double bill with Anthony Mann's The Naked Spur. Those in the area who are interested should not pass this up as we can not count on this as a home video release. The Wexner link for this screening is:

Bruce Calvert selected this as a Best Theatrical Talkie Screening in another post and described it in another thread as follows:

"Trail of the Vigilanties (1940) a western starring Franchot Tone! and Broderick Crawford is one of the funniest westerns ever made. This surprise discovery from Cinecon definitely deserves to be released on DVD! Tone and Crawford star as an eastern U.S. marshall and a good-old boy cowboy respectively, who have to deal with organized cattle rustlers. The Cattlemen's Protective Organization is actually rustling cattle from ranchers who won't join the organization. Peggy Moran is a rancher's daughter who agressively pursues her man, Franchot, although today we'd consider her a stalker. Andy Devine and Mischa Auer are the comedy relief, in a film that needs no relief because everyone has great comic scenes."
Steve Haynes

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Unread post by silentfilm » Mon Jan 21, 2008 2:29 pm

Both of these are great films! Trail of the Vigilanties is a great western comedy. The Naked Spur is an outstanding Anthony Mann western. Janet Leigh never looked better in Technicolor, and Jimmy Stewart plays a great conflicted hero. Since these are in 35mm, you can't miss them if you live in the area!

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