1952 Tod Slaughter TV series

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1952 Tod Slaughter TV series

Unread post by todmichel » Sat Dec 07, 2013 5:56 pm

I'm trying to get episodes from a 1952 British television series called "Inspector Morley, Late of Scotland Yard, Investigates". Tod Slaughter, Patrick Barr and Tucker McGuire were the regulars. Thirteen episodes of 26/27 mins were made. All of them were directed by Victor M. Gover and scripted by John Gilling.

Astounding as it sounds the series was never aired in UK - 6 épisodes were joined together to form two features (King of the Underworld & Murder at Scotland Yard) released theatrically, and a 7th episode, "Murder at the Grange" was shown separately, as a "featurette". To my knowledge, the 6 remaining episodes were never shown in their own country in any form. And the ones that were shown in theaters are apparently in the hands of private collectors, or "lost". The series was filmed on 35mm.

However, the entire set of 13 épisodes was aired in America, for instance on WGN-TV in 1953. 16mm prints were made, and some of them surfaced in US movie fairs. To date I found 3 episodes in private hands, one of them, "The Red Flame", being one of the six that were never seen by British audiences.

The titles of the episodes I'm still trying to locate are:

- Scarlet Letter
- The Green Eye (or The Case of the Green Eye)
- The Wise Monkeys (or The Case of the Wise Monkeys)
- Silent Witness
- Rough Justice
- The False Alibi
- Murder in the Strand
- Dark Passage
- Reilly at Bay
- The Showdown

Thank you for any help in finding these elusive little movies.

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Re: 1952 Tod Slaughter TV series

Unread post by TheThinMan » Wed Jan 08, 2014 11:01 pm

If anyone turns up this TV series, even a single episode, I too would be interested in buying.

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