16mm for sale (I need space)

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16mm for sale (I need space)

Unread post by Eric Grayson » Mon Aug 11, 2008 8:32 pm

Second Wife (1936) Gertrude Michael. Super-rare RKO film, not in the syndication package with TCM, one of the few films you'll ever see with the Hindenburg as a plot device (and it doesn't explode). Throw in everyone's favorite obnoxious brat George Breakston and you've got a film too good to believe! Print is a 1950s C&C print in good shape, but with a hair of warp in it. It runs fine and doesn't stink. If you want I'll thrown in some camphor and some instructions on how to flatten it out (be patient!) $150

Scattergood Rides High (1942) Guy Kibbee. Another rare RKO film, also not in the TCM package. Print is in pretty good shape, not warped, some here and there splices, although not bad. It's an old C&C print too. Take it for $150

Prices do not include shipping. I'll ship the way you want it. FedEx, UPS, USPS, it's all the same to me so long as you pay for it.

I do Paypal if you're nice to me. Otherwise it'll be a check or MO. No Western Union, no how, ain't gonna happen, give it up.

Yes I will do international orders. International orders are not gifts. Yes, you will pay for them. I insist that international payments be in my bank and approved by all parties before I ship. PayPal on international orders ships faster.

No rights given or implied. Your mileage may vary. Check local listings. All times approximate. In stereo and HD where available. Void where prohibited. Ask your doctor about Levitra.

(Someone trade me that print of His Wooden Wedding and I'll knock a commensurate amount off one or both of the features.)

Eric (film eric at earthlink dot net) with no spaces

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