MORE "Wants"

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MORE "Wants"

Unread post by Ruby Schwartz » Wed Mar 23, 2016 6:42 pm

Since I was able to find one (1) of the Lupe Velez, could/CAN anyone HELP w/these:
An Englishman's Home (Mad Men of Europe) (1940) Edmund Gwenn
Blarney (1939) Jimmy O'Dea
Calypso Joe (1957) Herb Jeffries
Girl in the Woods (1957) Forrest Tucker
Menace (Face) in the Night (1959) Griffith Jones
Navajo Run (1964) Griffith Jones
Texas Bad Man (1953) Wayne Morris
The Avengers (1950) John Carroll
The High Powered Rifle (1960) Willard Parker
TValley of the Redwoods (1960) John Hudson

I've a few MORE, but, I Really Want these---- HELP!
Ruby Schwartz

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