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Hi to all on Nitrateville,

This is Tom Hamilton in the UK. Although I don’t really post on here, some of you may have heard my name mentioned over the years on these Boards in connection with my documentary on Leslie Howard as well as a source for rare films – some of you have been in touch quite a bit, and some of you have become real friends.

For the last few years I’ve been having increasing storage issues on account of my ever growing dvd collection. As those of you who know me are aware – it’s a collection that covers a huge range of cinema from the 1890’s onwards as well as many rare tv shows, documentaries, animation collections etc. ‘

It’s well past 8,000 disks now and I simply don’t have space at home for all the disks. Since 2014 I’ve been renting a storage facility nearby – shared with a friend - and have kept around 80% of the disks there, while at the same time backing them up to a number of hard-drives, since that way I can still access all the recordings without the need to catch a tube and go into the facility – though I’ve had to do it once or twice.

These disks (mostly dvd-rs) are listed numerically and housed in 100 disk cake box cases.

But times have been a bit tight lately and they keep putting the monthly rate up. My friend has decide to move her stuff out and I can’t afford to continue with the storage facility alone – so I’ve got till the end of February to clear it out. The idea of simply dumping these is disheartening to say the least – there’s also about a 1,000 vhs tapes in there (but that's a whole other story).

Most of these disks (though not all are Region 0 and NTSC) though some are from Region 2 sources and may only playback on your computer – I generally only play these on my computer so can’t really say which are which)

Anyway rather than try to sell these off individually, which would take forever and be incredibly time consuming I’ve decided to offer them in batches of 50 or 100 to anyone interested. Cost wise I’m keeping it really low – I’m looking for just £20 ($24.40USD) per 50 numerically continuous disks + p&p or £30 ($34.47USD) per 100.

I’ve checked postage costs – within the UK it would be just £7 for 100 disks – to Europe it works out at about £14 and to the US and other more distant parts it would be £20 (or 24.4 USD) per 100. Still 61cents per dvd is a pretty good rate.

If anyone is interested in finding out more about what I have in the collection please email me direct at [email protected]" target="_blank and I can send you the complete numbered list of disks and titles – you can then pick which sequence (or sequences) of disks you’d like.

And ofcourse if any of you want to acquire all 6000 disks at the storage space – I’d be more than happy to consider an offer on that.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Thomas Hamilton

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