Selected 16mm Short Subjects

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Selected 16mm Short Subjects

Unread post by silentfilm » Wed Jan 18, 2017 9:29 pm

100% SERVICE (1931) This is a Wonderland dupe of a fun George Burns and Gracie Allen comedy. Surprisingly, their characters are not married in this film. UM&M titles. Variable area soundtrack. No splices except to attach the leader. 400 feet. 1972 B&W Eastman stock, but box says 1975. Includes the original box! $25

MOVIE MILESTONES (1935) A look back with clips of four big Paramount silent film hits. Includes Rudy Valentino in Blood and Sand (1922), J. Warren Kerrigan in The Covered Wagon (1923), Lon Chaney, Sr. in The Miracle Man (1919) and Ronald Colman in Beau Gesta (1926). This is the only surviving footage of The Miracle Man. Varible density soundtrack with music and narration. 400 feet. 1968 Eastman Blackhawk print with UM&M titles. No splices except to attach the leader. $40

IN DANGER'S PATH (1915) Chapter 33 from The Hazards of Helen, starring Helen Holmes. 1967 Eastman Blackhawk print with variable area soundtrack. Music only. 9 splices. I don't know what happened to this print, but is has about 50 notched sprocket holes. When I first bought it a long time ago I tried to repair them with press tapes, but there were just too many to fix. Still projectable, but jumped a couple of times when I last showed it. $10

TOWED IN A HOLE (1932) with Laurel & Hardy. One of their best short comedies, as the boys buy a boat so they can catch their own fish and sell them. 800 foot. Blackhawk Eastman 1977 print with no splices and a variable area soundtrack. This print does have an issue though, as the voices on the soundtrack sound warbly for the first half of the film. After the negative switches to the second reel, the voices sound fine. $30

ONE WET NIGHT (1924) with Alice Howell and Neely Edwards. A heavy rain ruins a couple's dinner party. 400 foot Blackhawk Eastman 1967 double-perf film with the original head and tail. No splices. This print has an issue in that the dark blacks look splotchy, possibly due to bad processing or storage. With the original box. $20

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